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An Interview with Satoshi Solitons, one of the Industries Fastest Growing Staffing Agencies – Blockchain Economy


Hello everyone. My name is John and I’m presenting the Washington Elite. It is the premier platform for news and entertainment in the international blockchain community. And today with me is Billy, the director and co CEO and co-founder of Satoshi Solutions. So could you please tell me a bit more about your project and what you brought here to the blockchain economy? 

Absolutely John. Thanks a lot for obviously inviting me to speak today. So, like you said, I’m the co-founder of Satoshi Solutions and what we are is one of the fastest growing crypto recruitment agencies. So coming from a recruitment background myself, we felt that the blockchain industry, which is enormous, was very much being underserved when it comes to reliable HR staffing solutions and a space as infinite as this. Without individuals with decades worth of experience, there’s probably not more of a need for effective recruitment than there is in the industry as young as this one. So we started our Satoshi Solutions and since then we’ve evolved into one of the fastest growing and largest recruitment agencies. We work with some of the biggest top hundred CMC and help them with the really tough vacancies, whether it be a rough engineer with four years experience all the way down to a precedent, stealth start up, we might actually build out their entire team for them and tell them where they need to hire and how they need to hire. That’s pretty much what we specialize in. And we travel worldwide to conferences, hacker, phones, packer houses to find and unearth that talent that isn’t necessarily just sitting there on linkedin.

And so a question to you. So when you say like a cryptocurrency agency, that means that you recruit people for crypto specifically, right? 

Exactly. Cryptocurrency is probably 70% of our clientele, but we are agnostic to any blockchain technology. So whether that be DLC, which is nothing, we do actually have agreements with some banks that obviously aren’t a cryptocurrency whatsoever and anything further away from it, but they use blade blockchain technology so we are still able to deliver them some of the best blockchain developers. So anything really that’s related to blockchain in any form is where we leverage our expertise because it’s a space we know so well. 

Do you help companies to hire only developers and engineers, or help designers and product managers, data scientists, etc. 

Yeah, well, my desk what I specialize in, we still do the firm with me and my cofounder even now, my desk is product. So I’m talking every day I speak to hundreds of well, maybe not every day. I speak to tens of owners, product managers, VP’s, products. In our company, there’s specialization within. So we have a social media manager recruiter, a Rust recruiter, a Dolan recruiter, a marketing recruiter, so that any vacancy that a blockchain company may have, we’re able to go to someone in our company and say that this individual has a network, an extensive network, and we’re able to connect the two so that any vacancy that somebody might have, we’re able to do that. 

And the price for recruiting depends on the complexity of the role that you’re helping to find. Or is it flat by 20% of yearly salary or something like that? 

Yeah, typically across recruitment, 20% is usually that number. Because we were born in 2021, we wanted to come in as an affordable and cheaper option because recruitment isn’t cheap. Recruitment is a forest service and it’s obviously very important, but it’s not cheap. So we wanted to come in at a slightly lower rate. So our rates start at 10% and they do go up to 20%, but typically most of our clients are on a ten to 15 rate, which is for the industry, one of the cheapest. So that’s why we’re going to grow quite effectively. 

Yeah, for sure, ma’am. That’s very good pricing. So for how long have you been in the business? As I understand, from 2021, right? 

Yes, Social Solutions bought out 2021. I’ve been into crypto 2017, right. In the XRP wave, probably bank Disillusion for a few years after that, but I’ve been personally investing in 2017. But, yeah, we started, me and my co-founder, we worked for the same company, we did recruit in Luxembourg, and one day we said to each other, the crypto space and the blockchain industry needs better recruitment companies, and that was in. We’re actually celebrating our one year anniversary today. The company was started exactly one year ago. Yeah, exactly. 

Wow. Congratulations. 

One year ago on October 4th registered as a company in the UK. 

Congratulations, man. 

Thank you very much, man. I appreciate it. And since then, we moved to Dubai, which has obviously been a massive stepping stone, obviously, being here, it’s been great for exposure in this space. 

So, yeah, it’s been a great year. So who are your competitions, competitors and what makes you different? 

Yeah, so there are a number, honestly, it seems that almost all of the crypto recruitment agencies are born out of the UK. I think that the UK, as a country, is obsessed with recruitment across all industries. So there are a few in London, Texas resource Solutions owed in Crypto recruit the blockchain headhunters. They’re one of the first, but you can count them on.

So can you just repeat the list? You’ve got a few that come to mind. Plexus so a really big blockchain recruitment agency based out of London, Blockchain Head Hunters was actually one of the first you’ve got the crypto recruiters, they are based out of the US, so we definitely got a few competitors, but I think there are two things in set as far. One is the pricing we went over. We are cheaper than every company, which doesn’t matter when you’re dealing with salaries, they’re in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. 5% is a big difference. So that’s definitely one huge area. The second is me and my co founder. We’re at this conference today. We’re just flying back from Token. 2049 next week will be in Vietnam, the Vietnam Blockchain Conference. We’ve got the team in Thailand right now for Thailand Blockchain Week. We go to every conference that we possibly can. Someone from the team does. We never bump into them. They’re always in their office working on fair play to them. But they’re always targeting people on LinkedIn, which we do as well. Linking is great, but when we come to these conferences, we’re able to talk to developers who might be anonymous or not on LinkedIn because they don’t like that platform. We go to Hacker House and hack a thons so we are able to tap into talent pools that I would say that hacking systems don’t really bother with because it’s expensive to go to these sponsored we’re sponsoring this one today. Obviously not cheap and I think surprising and exposure on the ground, I would say that makes.

So what is your main objective here at this conference?

So it’s It’s the first conference we’ve sponsored. So for us it’s very exciting. We’re seeing obviously usually we’re at the conference trying to talk to everyone, annoying some people. So we were like, okay, let’s have our own booth and see what that brings. Whether that does bring or been on the booth for a few hours now, people are constantly coming up to you. I think it provides a legitimacy to the company as well, which we’ve been enjoying thus far. But always whenever we go to conferences, two things. One is obviously potentially finding clientele. That’s obviously an important objective for us. But two, like, I just have to mention, we’re able to find candidates who aren’t on anything. The amount of people the most common conversation I have at conferences are typically young people or students who say to me that I love Blockchain, I’m so into it. But I look online and everyone wants a senior to meet them. No one wants a junior to meet them. So our point is to make contact with them, find them their CV and resume and then send it off to our client. So after and say, look, we’ve got this guy, I met him. He’s really passionate about the space. He doesn’t want loads of money. Obviously 20 years, 21 years old. Can you find a placement? And I’ve been there. That’s quite rewarding part of it because we’re young ourselves. I’m 23 and my Cofounder is 24. So we sort of want to try and lower the barriers to entry as well for young people. And we’re able to do that through the conferences, hack a thons, hacker houses. 

That’s amazing, man. I very like young people helping young people. I think that’s a very good way of going. So how are you part of the the conference? Is it meeting your objectives? What is your favorite part? Probably the booth

 yeah, absolutely. I think, like I said, having this first booth, it’s a taste before us and I think so far it’s been really positive just in the first few hours. And I’m also getting the opportunity to speak as well through this booth. So I’ll be speaking on regulation tomorrow, which as a recruiter, when I was given regulation, I was a little this could be interested, but I met my panel today, really, really talented group of individuals who have been in the space for a decade talking about regulations. To even be able to have that opportunity to converse with them in the public eye is great for the company, but also great for myself just in terms of being able to have that experience. So. Thus far, I’ve been impressed with blockchain economy. I went to Blockchain Economy in Istanbul, which we were thoroughly impressed in obviously Istanbul with us as a develop of a blockchain entity as the buyers. Yet it was very, very well attended. So that’s why we decided to respond to a bookshelf for me to buy and that’s why it’s early days. 

So that was good. 

So you’re enjoying it? 

Yeah, it’s amazing, man. 

And so where do you go from here? What are your plans for the next three to six months?

Good question, good question. I think what we’ve seen recently is we’ve had that massive drop at the start of the year in pricing that definitely shocked confidence in the hiring market. But we’ve now seen a stabilization. Clients are coming back to us who once, when the prices drop, said we’re not doing that anymore. So I think it’s all about rebuilding those client relationships that are somewhat diminished in Q1 and Q2 as the prices fell. And also just our goal, not for the next six months, but our goal indefinitely is to be the number one Crypto Recruiting Company. And right now in terms of employee count, we’re not there. So it’s about scaling,I think, but scaling rationally. We don’t want to hire 20 people that have to let them go if Bitcoin drops to $10K. So it’s about a sustainable hiring internally that we can eventually be that number of recruitment agency and we’re only going to do that by making a client and that’s always not the case, whether it be three months, six months, today, tomorrow, yesterday. 

So for you as a service based company, I would like to ask a question that I think worries and that all the founders and directors are all service based companies think about.

How do you do prospecting in terms of reaching out to potential clients? 

We have a very varied approach to say the least. We’ve obviously got, you know, we don’t underestimate cold outreach. I know the days of cold calling, especially in this place, definitely don’t exist. But any vacancy that’s posted in the job on any job, or whether it be a web for job or not, we’ve got our team on it straight away, offering our service to them, giving them insight into how who we are. But when we started a year ago, everything was outreach, outreach, outreach, because we’re now owning the space. Even when I go to a conference. I see a familiar place. People see our logo and they go. I know we’re now being able to benefit from inbound work. Which is any founders dream inbound work. Especially when you struggle with those persons to have people coming to you. Or people are referral. Or someone just seeing. We’re now on social medias. We’re smashing those channels. etc. Conferences whatnot, your linkedIn outreach? Honestly, it’s not been too much of an issue for us prospecting, actually, I think it’s more just been we’ve got the clients, but people are just freezing hiring, and that’s been the biggest problem this year. You can’t force people to hire at the end of the day if they want to steady the ship and maintain their workforce, which is rational in a time like this, with such uncertainty. I can’t criticize the industry for doing that. It would be problematic if we’re doing the opposite. So I think our biggest issue, which is a horrible reality, is the price of Bitcoin can sadly is out of our control. And that is, for many in this space, frustrating, because there’s nothing I can do. I can maximize my opportunity and chances, but if I wake up tomorrow, bitcoin is $6,000. We’re in trouble. 

So what is your website and social media? How do people get a hold of you?

Yeah, so we’ve had websites for satoshisolutions.xyz. Spelled as it should be Satoshi Solutions, we’ve got XYZ at the end on there. We have a bunch of contact methods. I’m on LinkedIn, im on there usually quite easy to find. Telegram is obviously a preferred channel, but yeah, we’re on Instagram, so @satoshisolutions, we’re on Twitter @satoshiolutions. If you type in that, you’ll be able to find us. We’ve been working on SEO, so I’d like to think so, anyway. 

What about the best source of free traffic? The best possible source of free traffic? You don’t use it? 

No, I don’t really deal too much with the growth side of things in the company. So maybe my co-founder is a better person. 

Do you know what I’m talking about? 

Yeah, Tiktok. I’ve never even had the app, to be fair, as a personal user, really think about this, because I know many service based companies and product based companies in web two specifically, or in web one even, I don’t know, just ecommerce, for example, that have grown their businesses drastically from Singapore can get so many leads and so many clients, and it’s a very effective tool

. Yeah, I know the block of crypto space seems to be really favorite as well. So I think I probably want to maybe get someone who is well versed in it because I wouldn’t know where to start. I found a grand mad, but I’d like to be on somebody who’s had success with kickstarter. Are you a Zoomer or you’re a millennial? So who do you identify yourself? Do you identify yourself as a Zoomer or as a millennial? 

I would say millennial.

 Okay. You can be blessed with not knowing about things, 

but I must be on the border.

 Yeah, very close.

 So thank you so much. It was a pleasure to talk to you. 

Thank you guys for watching. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Billy. And thank you so much. 

Thank you so much, it was a  pleasure.

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