Chad White

Chad White

CFO at Tokenomix

Chad White is a Co-founder of Tokenomix; a Revolutionary compliant alternative, blockchain, smart contract and digital asset investment bank. Tokenomix provides compliant solutions concentrating on digital assets and tokenized securities, with a vast network of professionals, partners and advisors offering 50+ years of Wall Street experience.

Mr. White has offered his 15+ years of Corporate Finance and Capital Markets industry experience as a visionary and leader in the digital asset, smart contract and security token verticals. In 2016 while at MD Global Partners, he saw that the JOBs Act would create a revolution in the capital markets, fintech, crowdfunding and blockchain. He then began to lay the groundwork for a blockchain-centric investment bank, that was soon absorbed by Tokenomix.

As the Chief Financial and Compliance Officer, he runs the investment banking practice, concentrating on compliant Financing, Consulting and Advisory blockchain solutions for digital assets, smart contracts and security tokens. He is well versed in corporate deal structuring and capitalization from all ends of the spectrum.

Over the course of his career in corporate, business and investment consulting, Chad has built a solid network of strategic and capital partners. He has extensive finance experience focused on Project and Strategic Management, Client Relationships, Networking and Sales, and Financial Regulation within the Corporate Finance, Capital Markets, and Alternative Investments sectors. He has a wide knowledge of institutional sale, financial structures and products within the private equity and capital markets space. He obtained a MS in Finance from the College for Financial Planning and a BS in Personal Financial Planning from Kansas State University. He also holds multiple Financial Securities Licenses (NFA/FINRA).
Tokenomix is a revolutionary Compliant Alternative, Blockchain & Digital Asset Investment Bank. Security offered through Tokenomix Securities and Capital Markets, LLC a Division of MD Global Partners, LLC and Tokenomix, LLC. MD Global Partners, LLC Member FINRA/SIPC.