Christian Ferri

Christian Ferri

President and CEO, BlockStar

Christian Ferri is a renowned expert in Blockchain, ICOs and Cryptocurrencies who has given presentations across the world including the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and the Blockchain Economic Forum in New York, Singapore and San Francisco.

Former Lead at PwC Tech Advisory, Christian was fortunate enough to have lived the transition, bringing two decades of traditional business experience coupled with the new decentralized frontier. Christian has been featured in prominent media outlets including CNBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, Forbes, Bloomberg, Millionaire and Coin Telegraph for his expertise and ability to understand the depths of the cryptomarket. He has become a leader and influencer within Blockchain and the Crypto space, and continues to lead the industry as an advisor, investor, public speaker, writer and educator for a few media outlets including ICO Crowd and Breathe Publications.

Advises on:

*Blockchain tech (Dapps, tokenomics, architecture, etc.)
*ICO regulation and compliance
*Cryptocurrency investments
*Start-up strategy

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Selected clients: AT&T, CA, Comcast, GE, HP, Symantec, Walmart.

Selected 2018 speaking engagements (partial list):
-World Economic Forum, Blockchain – Davos (Switz.), Jan
-World Crypto Economic Forum – San Francisco, Jan
-Blockchain Economic Forum – Singapore, Feb
-Blockchain Healthcare Conference West – San Francisco, Feb
-Cornell Conference CSV ’18, Mar
-Coin Agenda – Puerto Rico, Mar
-Blockchain Unbound – Puerto Rico, Mar
-Blockchain to the Future Conference – San Francisco, Apr
-World Blockchain Summit – Frankfurt, June
-Family Office Summit – Monaco, June
-Blockchain Expo – Santa Clara, CA, November

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