Michael Proper

Michael Proper

Chairman of Clear Foundation

During the past 23 years, Michael has started and grown numerous successful companies in the IT sector. Prior to founding ClearCenter (a Hybrid IT Operating Platform), he started DirectPointe (an IT services company, purchased by Hewlett Packard) and DPFS (an IT leasing company) which has funded more than $140M in IT infrastructure. He also helped launch and establish Jive & Calculated Research & Technology. Michael is a creator and knows how to produce results by rounding-up great teams and helping them to focus on simple yet measurable, transparent goals. In addition, Michael has successfully acquired & integrated many great IT companies including iTOK, Center7, STI, System Works, S3, Witsbits, Minebox & Kailo Energy.

Specialties: Husband, Father of 6, Entrepreneur, IT Leader, Servant, Wannabe Photographer, IT Pioneer, Kiwi and grateful to be a Mormon.

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