Thomas Baine

Thomas Baine

Thomas Baine

Founder at AlphaOmegaEnergy

#1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovator in History AOECOIN, the future of global energy finance & Investment. IPO 2020-2021 Upcoming. “We Changed The World!!”   The #1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Tech Startup in Human History 3,114 New Energy and Related Techs and Counting… #1 FuelCell in All Classes, Hydrogen, Natgas, Ethanol, Methane, FlexFuel, Alt-Gen and more. #1 In…

#1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovator in History

AOECOIN, the future of global energy finance & Investment.

IPO 2020-2021 Upcoming.

“We Changed The World!!”


The #1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Tech Startup in Human History

3,114 New Energy and Related Techs and Counting…

#1 FuelCell in All Classes, Hydrogen, Natgas, Ethanol, Methane, FlexFuel, Alt-Gen and more.

#1 In Industrial and Commercial Power Storage with 29 All New Industrial and Commercial Power Storage Batteries.

#1 In Electric Vehicle Technologies +450 All New Techs

#1 In Electric Motor Technology

#1 In EV DriveTrain Technology

#1 in Electric Planes tech w over 2,000 KM All electric fully loaded range without solar

#1 In Hydroelectric Power Generation Tech with +41% Efficiency Improvements to existing top technology

#1 in New Energy Power Classes with Over 100 All New Power Methods not yet spoken of (to our knowledge)

#1 In Solar Power Efficiency Boosters with 33 All New Techs to Boost Production by up to 196%+

#1 In Building Integrated Energy Efficiency Technologies with +450 All New Techs

#1 In Heat Exchange Technology for Industrial and Commercial Clients

#1 Waste To Energy Small Generator for Undeveloped Nations

#1 In Tech Solutions for CO2 Mitigation and Elimination for Oil and Gas Industries

#1 In Sulphur Mitigation Tech for Oil and Gas Industries

#1 In Nuclear and Coal Fired Station Energy Efficiency Boosters with 40+ All New Techs Each

#1 In Rain Power with World Leading AOE Rain Battery

#1 In Cold Power with World Leading #1 AOE Cold Battery and World Leading #1 AOE Cold Power Generation Systems

#1 In Free Space Rocketry

#1 In Free Space Power Generation

#1 In Free Space Radiation Shielding

#1 In Clean Water Generation Tech

All New World Leading Materials Techs and Nanomats for CleanTech


Upcoming Showcase On Bloomberg Asia and Bloomberg Malaysia!


Clients seeking Installs include Fortune 500s, Major Corporations, Government Departments, Major Hotel Chains, Major Cold Storage, Water Bottlers, Waste Water Treatment Centers, Irrigators, Mobile Telecoms, Large Factories, Data Centers, And more!


Governments With Expressions For Order Request are:- Philippines- Myanmar – China- Thailand- Indonesia- Cambodia- Vietnam-Timor


AOE achieved #1 Raising Real Startup Business Model in Cambodia history, +$184,000 USD.


“Because Change The World Is All I Know”



Seen exhibiting or pitching across 16 Asian cities from:

SG, Japan, China, Cambodia, and Thailand

Invitee to World Economic Forum

Exhibited at both Slush Tokyo and Slush Singapore

Exhibitor Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology

Sponsored to Echelon Asia, EC27 Thailand events

Pitched Shenzhen Low Carbon City

Winner TechStars 54 hour fintech weekend

Pitched Cambodia’s only National Startup Fair ever 

     (Startup Industry discontinued due to bosses stealing not investing)

Pitched Emerald Hub

12 Cities in China & even more venues

AOE has solicited over 300 Global Climate Orgs, and all top 50 Global Climate Change Propagandist Orgs including UN UNCC UNDP and many others, all of them know about us.


AOE was formed officially May 4, 2015 & grinding since for 4+ years already, with several years of planning and preparation prior.





AOE is able to speak with and advise clients, investors, investment firms, economic planning boards & councils, or the public, on a variety of energy, business planning, and financial related and development topics. 


While AOE is a Global CleanEnergy Tech Innovation Expert, 

AOE are also experts in a variety of topics:

  • Renewables in general of all types.
  • Experts also in Sustainability, ClimateChange, Sustainable Development Goals, Startup, LeanStartup, Investment Governance, VC Dealmaking structures.
  • Corporate Renewable Project Development or Financing for 10+Million $ Projects with at least 5 Million of cash equity to invest from the project developers or their investors
  • Blockchain listings for existing companies with at least minimum $300,000 to invest into the development and marketing of such
  • Economics in general, and especially around the fields of energy, CleanEnergy, SDG, Jobs development in Small business, currency & markets, finance, banking, stock markets and their offerings, debt offerings and raisings, alternative FED policy, financial engineering tools, economic development via investment leaning policies.


FOR (+10 Million existing capital available to be invested into the project including front end cash costs w 5+ million cash injection) We can also complete:

– Investment Banking of projects

– Financing of projects (up to 50% of the total cost of the completion of the project)

– Listing the project on stock markets

– Green Bonds and Green Bonds development

– Exit on selling to foreign markets of the project (asset monetization)

– All forms of commercial finance including OTC offerings and others with IBs

– Scaling finance for built projects

– IPO development and selling

– Blockchain development and usage

– Development of Debentures

– Crowdfinance and Crowdfunding

– Dealroom matchmaking

– PPP arrangements and their development


  • AOE can coach on Existing Technological and Non-Technological Barriers and Gaps like:

– Policy barriers (e.g. Govt to mandate emission free transport on SG international Maritime Organization, carbon free ships policy).

– Drivers (e.g declining cost of renewables) and barriers to entry (e.g. CAPEX and OPEX vis-a-vis competing technology).



– Design & writing of CleanEnergy, SDG, Sustainable, Energy, & thus “Climate” Policies

– Economic policy around CleanEnergy

– Benefits and incentives:

– Feed in Tariffs

– Licensing and regulations barriers easing

– Ownership barriers

– Land and investment barriers

– Tax benefits and incentives

– Tax credits or others




We recently Consulted a Consulting firm with limited Startup knowledge on:

– Startup business all aspects

– Investment

– Early stage investment raising

– Business modelling

– Sales

– Sales Pipeline Development

– VC darling business modelling

– Renewable energy technology historical status

– Belief in Innovation potential and in innovators

– Values marketing

– Social enterprise

– Impact Investing

– Target Marketing


Also recently consulted a Fintech Startup extensively on:

– Business modelling

– Customer acquisition

– Sales

– Sales Strategy

– Tech Strategy

– Product development

– Branding

– Wrote Financial plans for them

– Wrote Business plans for them


AOE also has limited experience with but significant valuable knowledge in planning and execution for fully capitalized firms with allocatable budgets in the following:

– PE raisings

– M&A to enter markets

– Overseas investment raisings and financial offerings.

– Doing an IPO


Commentary and advice for such fields AOE can provide support with is:

– Business Planning

– Market Research

– Location of participants and all relevant market and participant information

– Marketing Planning

– Presentations

– Exhibitions

– Presentation Development

– Customer Acquisition Strategy Development

– Sales Coaching

– Sales Development & Sales Funnels

– Taxation planning and international taxation planning


AOE is Able to make non-IP sensitive Recommendations about these and more Applications:

– Carbon free stationary electricity generation policy

– Recharging stations for electric vehicles

– Developing policy for all renewables topics & industries


AOE is also Able to comment on and assist with:

  • Hydrogen

– Sourcing

– Procurement

– Transportation and uses of across ASEAN

– Procurement of the construction of storage facilities

– Global providers & contractors


Competing methods of energy production:

  • Batteries 
  • Oil/gas 
  • Renewables 
  • Nuclear

– New Technologies


AOE knows downstream applications for nearly all renewable fields well and is able to comment on them at length, or organize to have such work completed.




Available to consult on anything in the energy fields other than tech and IP specifics. 

Unable to teach technology specifics or workings due to the many constraints of IP though can teach all policy, funding, economic, financial, startup, investment, issues for.




After vetting the company/client in regards to their intentions, aims, methods, resources, history, mandates, deals history, generals, financials, and specifics, I can be of most use.


I can provide significant value to companies in market research, dynamics, investment planning, finance, financial planning, marketing planning, project development (for your existing products or business models) contacting government officials and departments, or other forms of strategic development, teaching market awareness, readiness of the markets, investment needed, basics of legal frameworks, differences between different markets, Feed in tariff programs, ease of market entry, barriers, restrictions, customizations of your company’s business and projects to specific markets, and can act as company liaison or representative for the right projects, companies & arrangements.


AOE also has significant Financial industry related experience including:

– 3 years Working with Citibank/Citigroup (at that time #1 financial in world)

– 3 years Working with Aegon/Transamerica (at that time #7 financial in world)

– 5 years in Mortgage Banking including MBS markets

– 2 years Stock Markets Trading Commodities Futures Currencies Stocks

– Developing Sales Forces and Recruiting and training for such

– Expert in Subprime Lending and Creative finance for capitalized companies

– Equipment Finance

– Receivables Finance

– Project Finance

– Commercial Finance

– Property Finance

– Stock Investments, Bonds, Derivatives, Laddering, Commodities, Futures, Debentures, Warrants, Stock options, ESOPs, Insurance, Financial products for consumers, retail, wealthy, tax planning, estate planning, etc.

– Investment and financial analysis at the forensic to stock market valuations modelling levels.


AOE is available on:

“Social media”:

Steemit, Medium, Gab, Minds, Twitter, Reddit, Parler etc and we are all over the internet you can just search for AlphaOmegaEnergy or AOECOIN