Alex Eaton

Alex Eaton

Community Manager at Washington Elite

Currently CEO of Bitcoin Beginner Box and Community Manager for Bread.

I served seven years in the Army worked my way from Private to Sergeant and was honorably discharged in 2012.
Those seven years were spent as an Army Medic where I was
sent to Iraq and surrounding areas; Upon my return, I worked in an Army
optometrist office, helped managed a physician’s office, and my final
position was shadowing and transitioning disabled, and high risk soldiers as they
were being discharged.

I currently teach all things Crypto from the History of Bitcoin, Mining, and What the Blockchain can do for the future located in San Antonio, TX

I love life and am willing to learn just about anything that captures
my interest – whether it be mechanics, medical, IT, gardening,
adventure, Bitcoins (my latest fascination), or travel. I like to
think of myself as a jack or all trades, and overall strive to make
the world a better place.

I am currently l am getting C4 certified as a digital currency professional. I also attend the University of Phoenix, where I received
a B.S. in Business in 2015. Soon to be going for my masters