Blockchain Classes

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Whether you are a Blockchain newbie or experienced Bitcoiner the Washington Elite Blockchain classes are perfect for you. Learn all you need to take advantage of the Blockchain Revolution.
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What Is Mining? How to get Bitcoins Like The Pros                

*Learn how to mine using mining rig, cell phone and PC.
*Stand alone miner included that you get to keep.
*Start participating in the blockchain ecosystem.
*Learn how to run nodes & stake your coins.


How to use Bitcoin – Buying & Selling Crypto

*How to buy goods & products with Bitcoin.
*How to HODL(Hold On For Dear Life).
*How to buy & sell for profits.
*How to send & receive Bitcoin on SMS/text.
*How to use cold wallets, paper wallets, private keys.


Blockchain For Government & Enterprise                                                     

*How to use blockchain in your business.
*How to accept Bitcoin.
*How & why to deploy smart contracts for your business.
*Military, gov and security uses of blockchain/distributed ledger.


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