Chris J Snook

Chris J Snook

Editor In Chief, Token Standard, Chairman, World Tokenomic Forum

I am driven by opportunity and grounded in experience. Through my platforms at World Tokenomic Forum and Token Standard I connect enterprises, emerging tech, capital, and government leaders to each other to build the new proof points of business scale in a token economy. Our Digital holding company Launch Haus has a diverse investment portfolio of media and agency businesses, technology solution providers and focuses on Internet 3.0 and the blockchain technologies.

I speak and write on customer experience, blockchain, entrepreneurship, and digital transformation.

Entrepreneur. Author. Speaker. Brand Humanizer. Venture Catalyst


A Co-Founder of Parallel6 (sold to PRA Health Sciences in May 2017)

CEO recruited, trained, and managed a global direct sales business in excess of 9800 reps with $1.7m MRR in 24 months in the U.S, Japan, and HK with a successful exit.

Consultant for QualcommLabs in 2013, harnessing all pipelines of innovation into a 360 degree marketing plan.

Managing Director of which had a portfolio of internet & digital media startups with a 2-year ramp in excess of $8m in organic growth on just $400k in seed capital.

Editor In Chief of over 40 business books since 2010 including a Wall Street Journal & USA Today best seller.

Co-Founder of a spin-out mentor program for an international learning & development firm that produced over $1.6m in sales its first 6 months and re-acquired by its parent.

Deal Analyst provided due diligence work and prospectus for a middle market LBO firm in 2005 in its roll-up plan of accredited trade schools which led to the acquisition of AIT Schools.