Daniele Monteleone

Daniele Monteleone

Expert Blockchain Developer For Different Projects Like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Private, Ethereum, HyperLedger

Bitcoin Private open source community, Chief Visionary Officer for Metalyfe – the first agnostic decentralized Web 3.0 Browser and developer of solutions for Blockchain Dapp Platforms.

In addition, Daniele Monteleone aka Robotica is also Libertarian activist, supporting the digital rights, opensource community, e-democracy, decentralization and financial freedom in any form, taking part on different communities of several millions supporters like GlobalLeaks, Pirate Party movement – Pirate Party, Devuan – Veteran Unix Admins – Dyne.org, Kopimist, Ninux.org.
He was first involved in the bitcoin ecosystem as a hacker in 2010 trying to hack it without success, attending the First Conference on Bitcoin at Prague 2011 – with his lifetime friend Rick Falckvinge & Max Keiser (at the first public Bitcoin Conference).
In the last years, has focused on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Applications.

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My mission in life is to create new businesses and we are just getting started.