Leah Wald

Leah Wald

VP Lucid Investments, Contributor at Forbes

Bitcoin investor and consultant. Currently working to provide investment strategies and tactics across all asset classes including the wild world of cryptocurrency markets.

I began my career at 19 working at the World Bank in the Africa Region reporting directly to the Vice President. I then co-founded two social entrepreneurial companies, Veterati and Trilokya Strategic Agency served as a founding advisor to Naadam Cashmere. I love building impact-driven vehicles to empower major changes in the lives of incredible individuals to maximize their impact. 

After completing my Master of Science in Management specializing in International Business, I worked as a financial analyst reporting directly to the CEO to develop investment strategies for two of the world’s leading hedge funds on Japan, Asia, Middle East energy, and global macro strategy.

As a consultant, I worked in Ahmedabad, India, assisting a women’s labor union for the ultra-poor in a critical financial state by designing hyper-growth cooperative business models that provide increased income and employment. Most recently, I worked to structure a Canadian company’s IPO in China.

It’s been a wild ride thus far but I am driven by values of Generosity, Honesty, Authenticity, Respect, Humility, and Passion and through my writing and business, I will never deviate from these values.