Rudy Munoz Stiles

Rudy Munoz Stiles

Producer, Director, Activist Influencer, Art 4 peace Award winner, World peace Leader

Rudy Munoz was born in Lima Peru to a family of five brothers and five sisters. His beloved mother has been the most important influencer in his life. Imparting the unconditional character traits of dedication, compassion and love for all people, Munoz was inspired by a passion for life that has carried him into an arena of global fame.

A highly south after celebrity in South America, Munoz moved to America as a humble young man yearning for greatness. He quickly developed a great love for America inspiring him to enter school to pursue the English language. After moving his entire family to America from Peru, Munoz continued his education in college as a Business Communications major.

Munoz: “I apply passion to every aspect of my life and it is this deep passion that has guided me towards the fulfillment of my greatest dreams. I worked hard when I came to America. I love this country, as it allowed me to open my first business after only being here for a few years. Imagine starting a cleaning business for celebrities and after cleaning their carpets, I find myself as a major producer of Red Carpet events fr the same celebrities! The universe is truly amazing if you apply integrity and passion to everything you do”!

Munoz owned and operated his company for twenty years and then went on to pursue his new career as an Esthetician to the celebrity clients he had accumulated through his company.

Munoz: “A ‘face’ to me is a sculpture – a piece of art. When my clients leave my studio, they are transformed. What a rewarding feeling to be able to give beauty and wellness to my clients. I became a leading celebrity facialist. This exciting career move led me to a new understanding of myself and my love for people. This phenomenon helped me to develop my own platform of giving back. I went to school to learn the healing arts and massage therapy. In my wildest dreams I would have never imagined becoming a celebrity event producer! What a miracle this thing called ‘life’ truly is”!

In 2018 Munoz became the The Director / Coordinator for The Arts For Peace Awards in Hollywood California. The Saban Theater was filled to the brim with celebrities, world leaders and global dignitaries. Munoz had found his niche at last! His depth of heart has always been his guide as he has dedicated his life to serving his community and those in need. Feeding the homeless, becoming an advocate against domestic violence, and a supporter for The Trevor Project, he diligently advocates against suicide prevention for gay youths in Los Angeles. A great supporter of Project Angel Food, an organisation that feeds thousands of people a day, has completed his eclectic arena of giving back. Munoz has received more that 13 awards for his community service and has become a community leader and major influencer in the greater Los Angeles area.

Combining his creative ability with his heart’s mission, Munoz has been featured as a red carpet celebrity producer in Exquisite Magazine and The Mary Westwood Magazine.

South America celebrates the Munoz name as he is touted as one of Hollywood’s most famous influencers. Featured all over South American as an example of great integrity and inspiration, Munoz is devoted to helping others in need and leading by example.

Munoz: “Giving back is not an option – it is a personal choice! My main goal in life is to show compassion and impart inspiration to all people in need. If I can make it, everyone can follow their dreams and make them a reality too. Sometimes all it takes is to give someone a break, to show kindness and compassion. Love is the greatest cure of all. I love my life and I live to give back. We need to all be aware of the pain in the world and to apply kindness to unseen wounds. We are just people and we need each other. What a life I have lived – and just think! I have just begun! What a fabulous ride this has been”!


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