Satyam Priyadarshy, MBA, Ph.D

Satyam Priyadarshy, MBA, Ph.D

Halliburton Technology Fellow & Chief Data Scientist

**One of Top 50 Candidates in the Country – Nominated to be on the Corporate Boards by the AgendaWeek, The Financial Times Group publication *

I am a veteran of Big Data, having created and led Data Science teams couple of times in my career, I have a winning formula for building and mentoring such teams who can add value to a business. I have developed a global reputation in Big Data, implementing powerful solutions through expertise in all aspects of the data pyramid that works well with business strategy and organizational strategy. 

I have extensive Management Consulting and Corporate Leadership experience in various companies including Fortune 100 to start-ups. I have worked with clients in Australia, Japan, India, US and Europe. 

As a thought leader, I was appointed as a Senior Fellow at the International Cyber Security Center at George Mason University, Virginia. 

I have a passion for building and leading high-powered teams to deliver data-driven results improving products, services, and business processes. The established record of contributions I’ve made to my employers has added greatly to their top-line growth and bottom-line profitability.

I am currently mentoring teams and serving as acting CTO of 4 angel-funded start ups: Enformed (Saas platform for retail-rebates), Foodem (eCommerce), Sustainable Star (Solar Energy), and OKCoPay (Healthcare).

President-Elect & Board Member of DC Chapter of TiE (TiE is world’s largest entrepreneurial network).

Leadership : Executive, Team, R&D, Data and Analytics, Technology
Verticals: Technology, Media, Finance, Health-care, Non-Profits, Education, Retails, etc. 
B2B & B2C Platforms, Social & Digital Media , eCommerce Solutions, 
Mobile & Web Technolgies, 24×7 Operations
Technology: Cloud / Virtualization, Big Data Mining & Analytics, Scalable Solutions, 
Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Text and Data Mining, SaaS Deployment