Sunny Ahonsi

Sunny Ahonsi

CEO GlobalTec Academy

SUNNY AHONSI (MBA, BA, FCCA, MCIM, MIVA) has been a professional lecturer, dynamic trainer and a prolific writer who has captained RisXceL to become a global academic institution with offices in UK, Ghana, Nigeria, Oman, Sri Lanka and UAE. He is actively involved in diverse professional training, research and publication. He has led a highly regarded international training institution for years that is bringing innovative educational solutions across the globe, including corporate and government leadership programmes (for CEOs, corporate executives and senior government decision-makers).

As a trainer and consultant, he holds extensive training experience, in training CEOs and top corporate executives in UK and internationally in the following sectors: Banking & Finance, Commercial, Health Care, Accounting, Public & Local Governments, Hotel & Hospitality, Education & Schools, Oil, Gas & Petroleum. He has extensive experience in initiating, preparing and implementing External Quality Assurance arrangements with bodies such as OFSTED, BAC, City and Guilds, Edexcel, and several UK Universities as well as brokering educational agreements with foreign governments.

He uses the “teaching-without-teaching” methodology in his approach, where learning is promoted through self-discovery. He also believes that learning should be fun and at the same time beneficial to his audiences in order to help them achieve optimum performance in their chosen field. Training is not just a profession for him – but a passion.

As a money management consultant, he has empowered thousands of people financially in saving and trading in cryptocurrency to keep their savings portfolio afloat in bad economic times and with the view to improving their lots in life.

Known as a “Transformer”, he has transformed people and brings lasting change into their live.