Washington Elite Announces Groundbreaking Multiple Conference Agreement with World Blockchain Summit

WASHINGTON, D.C. – June 26, 2023 – Washington Elite, a leading global player in blockchain and cryptocurrency media, is pleased to announce a revolutionary partnership with the World Blockchain Summit (WBS), extending its reach as an official media partner across a series of international events this year.

World Blockchain Summit

Washington Elite will be providing live broadcast coverage at the following scheduled World Blockchain Summit events:

• World Blockchain Summit Singapore (02 & 03 August)
• World Blockchain Summit Indonesia (August 2023)
• World Blockchain Summit Dubai (October 2023)
• World Blockchain Summit Bangkok (December 2023)
• World Metaverse Show Dubai (November 2023)

Furthermore, Washington Elite will also deliver live coverage at the pioneering World Metaverse Show in Dubai (November 2023), setting a new precedent in the fusion of reality and virtual technology arenas.

“We are thrilled to forge this alliance with the World Blockchain Summit, a prestigious organization at the forefront of global blockchain innovation,” stated the spokesperson for Washington Elite. “We look forward to providing our audiences with in-depth, live coverage of these ground-breaking events, enabling access to some of the most influential thought leaders in the blockchain and metaverse spheres.”

The partnership underscores Washington Elite’s commitment to its audience and the broader crypto community, keeping them informed about the latest developments, trends, and cutting-edge technologies shaping the blockchain industry and the emerging metaverse.

The World Blockchain Summit, with its mission to unite global blockchain experts and technology players, expressed equal enthusiasm. “Having Washington Elite as our media partner will broaden the impact of our events, allowing us to reach out to an even larger audience. Their media coverage is widely recognized for its quality, depth, and influence in the blockchain sector,” said a representative of WBS.

Both organizations are dedicated to propelling forward-thinking dialogue, fostering industry innovation, and catalyzing the adoption of blockchain technologies on a global scale. This partnership will unquestionably enhance the reach and impact of these industry-leading events.

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