Tyler Adkinson

Tyler Adkinson

Founder + Managing Director @ BlockTerra / Retired Los Angeles Dodger

Visionary, founder, speaker, retired professional athlete & hedge fund manager.

As seen on: Yahoo! Finance, ABC10, The San Diego Union-Tribune, The Orange County Register, CCN.com and others

Interested in:
-Capital Markets
-Quantitative Data
-Cryptographic assets + consensus algorithms
-Global finance + economics
-Tokenization + programmable ownership
-Professional sports + athletes
-Deal syndication
-Game theory, oracle networks + netoid functions

Fun facts:
-My face is made of titanium plates
-Mt. Gox was named after my family’s company

I believe the greatest risk is being too afraid to take any at all. Looking to build amazing relationships with people who are fearless in their pursuit to shape the world.

“A rising tide lifts all boats” -JFK