Hitting the Hardcap

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Learn how to design and implement a KPI-driven and strategic PR & marketing campaign for your STO, ICO or IEO.
Clara Florey & Paul Scott, co-founders of international PR and Investor Relations agency DisPRuptive, will deliver a two-hour workshop at the Cambria Hotel Washington, DC Convention Center – GlobalBoost Meeting Room on Saturday, June 22nd from 10:00AM-11:30AM.
Learn how to communicate your proposition to the influencers that matter, especially those who have the ear of investors.
Learn what investors are looking for, and how can you ensure your project is relevant and appealing to those that matter.  Learn how to convert interest into action.
We will also discuss the importance of focusing on your project’s sense of purpose – the ‘why’ your company does what it does, followed by the ‘what’ it does, and the ‘how’ it does it.
By cleverly combing ‘earned’, ‘owned’ and ‘bought’ media channels before and during your fundraising campaign, you can achieve two key outcomes:
1.  Raise awareness, credibility, trust and confidence in your project.
2.  Implement a PR & marketing campaign in the lead-up to and throughout your fundraising campaign that aligns to your hardcap, meaning no wastage of budget nor underspend. It’s all about reaching the right number of relevant people, with the right message and call to action, at a sensible cost-per-investor-acquisition.


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