HomeAwardsJessy Artman founder of FineArtSociety.xyz curates Washington Elite Gala during Miami Blockchain Week – Evolving the Era of Influencers

Jessy Artman founder of FineArtSociety.xyz curates Washington Elite Gala during Miami Blockchain Week – Evolving the Era of Influencers


Dinner Placements Featuring Sponsor Logos ( SinCity, Prasaga, Washington Elite, Bithotel, fineartsociety.xyz, and Xircus) Photo by Sirak Studios

Together with Bruce and Sir. David Porter of the Washington Elite, Jessy Artman and fineartsociety.xyz hosted an exquisite gala at the Versace Mansion for Miami Blockchain Week 2022. The Gala Featured many notable Guests such as Nick Spanos from the Netflix production Banking on the Blockchain and Celebrity Influencer Slim Stunta

Jessy Artman founder of fineartsociety.xyz and Featured Artist Eddy Bogaert photo by Sirak Studios


Fine Art by Eddy Bogaert ( Left Image ).  Fine Art by TRAN$PARENT (left) Eddy Bogaert (Right) ( Right Image ). 

fineartsociety.xyz is an innovative peer-to-peer networking protocol designed to empower users and devices to connect directly and exchange. The Beta Platform provides an innovative opportunity for artists, entertainers, and experts to earn income in today’s digital economy.

Slim Stunta and @dowhatyoulove.artist Photo by Sirak Studios

Fine Art Collaboration Piece by @dowhatyoulove.artist and Miss Frais Photo by Sirak Studio

The Society BETA allows Artists and Influencers to Monetize their time with for paid Live Video Calls. Other services include Videos on Demand, Live Event Broadcasting, Ticketing, and an NFT Marketplace coming soon.

  • 1-1 and 1-Many Video streams, Privatized and Encrypted by Default. 
  • Grant Access to Recorded Videos for Authorized Users. 
  • Sell Products and Services
  • Earn rewards for Network Contributions

Fine Art by @josephskalaart Photo by Sirak Studios

As the Official Curator of Art and Fashion Jessy Artman Highlighted Many of the Platforms most recognized Artists and Designers both in the Miami Community and abroad.  

Diving into the Future by @transparentartist and Radiant Being #X by @heartwell_art Art Photo by Sirak Studios

Dream and Ancient Goddess by Inessa Photo by Sirak Studios

Featured Artists included

@blumofficial, @transparentartist, @inessafineart, @heartwell_art, @dowhatyoulove.artist, @josephskalaart, @kyleschindlerart, @amer.sm, @marcel_van_luit

Featured Designers included.

Tony Visions, Zenma Design

Tony Visions

Yulia Bonya Founder of Zenma Design and Jessy Artman wearing Zenma Design on the Red-Carpet Photo by We Do Luxury

As a long time contributor to the Blockchain and Crypto Community Jessy Artman, and the Fine Art Society team continue to push the boundaries of Fine Art and NFT Curations Across the Globe with Upcoming Expositions at Grand Prix both in Miami and in Monaco in May, as well as Coin Desks Consensus Conference and NFT NYC taking place in June.

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