Central Park NYC Wollman Rink Blind Hockey Showcase

The Blinded Veterans Association hosting a FREE Learn to Skate for the Blind at Central Park Wollman Rink Saturday, October 28th at 12 noon. Everyone is invited, come as you are.

Blind Hockey demo starts at 12:30 immediately following the Learn to Skate session.

and we are live in Central Park with the
blinded veterans Association I got my man Brock kid Herman here what’s up brother
we got the Washington elite blind hockey team we have the Hartford Whalers don’t
give them so much up that’s one of the mistakes people make don’t help them so much they got to figure it out let’s go
guys let’s go okay next to G and Jim
Keith and Jim let’s go good job we got the Hartford Whalers in the house
[Music] all right so one of the most important things one of the most important things
is to not do that you just got to let him go for it you got to let them find it and figure it out right here brother
let’s go yep pass it up yes go you got
there it is there’s your pass take it in Keith okay and we’re gonna play a demo
game here in a minute
all right it is a beautiful day out here at the Wolman rink and unbelievable big
thing happening here for blind hockey that’s it guys that’s it take it in and shoot it
[Music] all right Emily Kenny let’s go we have a
bunch of Washington out here a bunch of the brailers
to jump Jim to jump all the way from
Fitchburg my main man we got Caleb here from DC we have Doc Salani we have Big
Jim sadecki we got my man Lauren you’re
killing it and we have Anthony and Tim your brothers Anthony we have his brother
Anthony too these guys are starting the the New York team we’re here to help out so excited
so excited okay
[Music] [Applause]
so I pretty over the moon about the
event everybody is get that yes sir this
is I just a warm up okay guys we’re
gonna try to get everything started here if you’re in a red jersey I want you to follow my voice over here if you don’t
know stay where you are if you’re in a green jersey I want you to come over here so Jim I know my mom was great just
to get this on you but we should really have you in green yeah okay right here I think that where’s Carson Carson you
want help dad okay we’re gonna have you play on green as
well so you and you you guys will play on green okay the Caputo’s the Caputo’s
will play with the brailers George you’re over here you’re not gonna play
right now okay George you’re over here so we have one two three four five six
seven okay brailers are over here Caputo’s come over here so I can get a
good count okay we are playing the pass whistle we
are going to have two goalies through we’re going to have a yacht I thought you’re just finding fun we are playing
the SAS whistle everything’s going to be pretty much like a game Ian’s going to be sighted but that’s
okay okay Ian might take the net over here Liz
we’re gonna get started here in a minute huh I don’t think it’s a big deal yeah
okay you’re like Swiss cheese anyway I’m just
kidding I just do it okay so how many we have two four two four five all right
George George come with me you’re gonna be an honorary Brailler oh no I’m gonna
give up my jersey yet okay well well alright alright alright come over here
we’re fine we’re fine we’re fine we’re fine we’re fine we’re fine we’re fine
we’re fine okay braillers you’re gonna be shooting you want to shoot on your
own goalie or the other goalie okay you’re gonna shoot on Ian so you’re gonna be coming this way okay so please
take the ice over this way Ted and Anthony and Tim you guys are brailers for today head down this way okay guys
set yourself up prices you’re in the lead okay we’re going to start with
jacque’s lawrence Jimmy I mean Kenny Caleb and Brock come on out
guys over here if I didn’t call your name you stay here
if I didn’t call your name follow me this way guys follow my voice over here I called your name Caleb what are you
doing I called your name you stay out there yeah and guys we’re gonna switch
it out pretty quick okay I’m gonna get you guys right in there okay okay okay
guys the big deal okay it’s the first time blind hockey has ever been played
in Central Park so glad you guys are all here thank you so much thank you guys we
like being right there that’s a great spot president this is Anthony and Tim
okay we got a puck okay brush jocks is
going to take center Lawrence you’re gonna play right defense back here Rock you’re gonna play right wing over here
Kenny you’re gonna play left wing you’re gonna play defense right here okay Caleb face ups right here who’s taking it
braillers who’s taking the face-off
guys remember there’s no money on the line but this is totally awesome what’s
up Patrick all right guys
that dick guys all right here come the brailers let’s go go Washington oh
that’s it Brock all right let’s go drugs let’s go let’s go let’s go
carefully guys carefully guys remember safe game okay stay shame that’s it
that’s it it’s a demo game let’s go game [Music]
let’s go let’s go here comes the brailers okay let’s go easy to pass good
pass go Wow let’s go
you need a pass you need it fast George
if you’re ready you can you can hop out as soon as you ready Hayes fine it
actually would be great if you can wear just this blue jersey baby but it’s too small for him so just wear that that
take careful heads up into the boards guys
drive on careful careful guys gotta be a
little more careful right that’s it guys that’s it this is it guy let’s go let’s
that’s it bring it in KITT rock this way this way the other way you turn it around and let’s go so
we’re here the blinded veterans be careful by the boys guys blindsiding so Jason is here to help out New York’s
Metro hockey you’re going the other way George George is the Brailler we’ve
added choice for you brother Lawrence come with me we’re gonna put you up this way Emily you’re in Emily’s Elena you’re
in here I’ll take the puck he’s got the puck we’re gonna face off right here
Emily’s in Delaney is in Caleb take our who wants a break Lauren stick brick
head up here to the corner over here brother over here this way can you call
Lawrence over can you call Lauren can you call him over yeah you wanna
break you good okay uh take a break take a break I’ll get to in a second go right
over you okay yep okay here we are we’re gonna face off right here right here
guys right here Delaney you’re gonna play defense Ross you’re playing right wing still
right Emily you’re gonna be right over here
switch keys okay everybody all right
guys that’s it Tim whoa nice hey George
Tim’s on your team okay let’s go right
past it good luck keep snow you need a path
carefully path great job guys let’s go
red let’s go walk in elite let’s do it [Applause]
no pass let’s go red great play great
play all right take it with you take it
with your brush take it with you brother careful heads up over there by those boards guys those are some rough board that’s it guy
let’s go tell Anthony come on oh all right right turn it around
alright alright you guys are still in
play let’s go great play guys we almost got that one she’s gonna leave we almost got it
[Music] careful into the boy [Music]
great job everybody all right there it is let’s go J with the duck oh nice moves brother
we keep it up Brock okay guys stay
focused let’s turn this into a goal we’re coming around the net Emily turn it around who needs you let’s go let’s
go John let’s go guys let’s go let’s go
ah good playing brothers to claim okay careful guys careful careful careful
all right you’re gonna need a pass you
got your brother right here you’ve got some brother great job Emily get it out of there guys
send it up send it up make sure you don’t set her it good job guys good job
great playing guys great playing great playing line up right here
take a break John Kruk take a break granny get out here all right how many
do I have two four five you wanna kick pizza all right you’re right here
playoff in okay Teddy your ever your
brother you’re on this side you’re red we’re going this way not using Timmy Ken timmy is dipping the
Kenny Kenny I know okay
no don’t go don’t go we got to get a pass now when that happens guys we take the park international blind hockey
rules we take the puck all the way down to the other side if there’s a shot on goal before the pass whistle so come on
down here let’s go all right guys we
ready to face up right here follow my voice right here okay right here red
should be behind my voice behind it over here yes Caleb you got to be over here
brother okay I Laurence you got a backup brother look this way this way forward
okay you ready thanks bro
okay ready three two one
careful careful guy all right turn around need a path
[Applause] [Music]
let’s go and play thanks Ricky right
here guys right here duck you ready come on out back Delaney go ahead and take a
break great job guys everyone’s played really well and thank you for teaching the
chase okay guys hi guys you’re on the wrong side lawrence over your brother like Kenny you’re facing the wrong way
brother you’re trying to split that way so you need to be over here Kenny over here brother over here bro Kenny and
Caleb are a little more visually impaired than normal today because of the Sun all right we’re ready
you’re doing awesome cutting it right here you’re gonna take the faceoff with Timmy okay don’t go easy on them all right I need a
winger over here Caleb you’re right here brother you play defense you guys are
playing defense all right we good wait one two three four I have four all right
all right Brock you’re not here gray
get it out of there guys get it out Kenny go with it go with it
alright watching finale let’s go we’re stuck
[Applause] heads up into the board guys you need a
path oh man we almost set up for Central
Park Oh careful all right let’s go red
let’s go red good job George take it
guys come on Calhoun you got it back turn it around the far way all right that way to work
get it out of there let’s go Brock take it up the ice great
job guys great playing great playing right here let’s make this quick if you’re red over here guys over here
all right we’re gonna face off right here all right
Emily take a break go ahead and take a break 1 2 3 4 5 doc you’ve a all right
guys careful guys careful guys head
kicks out out of there somebody kicked that out of there let’s go go all right good job good job bring it up the side
guys let’s go ahead go need a pass he
passed [Music] get out of there lord
let’s go Bronco the way candy get behind it let’s go he’s gonna be sick
[Applause] no pets no pets
[Applause] careful careful bro nice working guys
thanks working Brock take it in take it in Brock you need a pass your brother
needs you Timmy Anthony go get a Brock take it up great saibra face off right
here let’s go face off a stop right here right here Emily Delaney come on out who wants to
break Brock stick break Kenny ji Caleb take a break i I don’t think we think
face up all right right here right here guys you’re facing off right here you
ready watching to delete ok you take your face off Emily play a right wing up
here Kenny you’re playing left left wing right here ray heads up
let’s go Emily let’s go let’s go let’s go keep skating you guys jocks damn Kenny keep it coming keep it coming keep
coming keep coming Center it fine alright right here okay
guys if you have a water bottle get a drink of water we’ll take five minutes and then we’ll play another little bit
period okay if you have a water bottle get a drink of water nice work guys nice work get a drink of
water we’ll play one more little one more a little bit thanks so much man
nice all right yeah – yeah it’s impressive pretty cool yeah yeah fine
the dressing like this gonna be like at my house is like wow so a year ago they blinded vets hired me okay and I every
day you know and a couple times a week on real it’s unreal that’s it now
blindfold me like hey guys there’s water
down here guys there’s water down here for everybody there’s water over here
for everybody to get a drink of water follow the group right over this way
thank you guys so much so we’ll probably one more period your drink and then play
another period yeah
well you know tell them really I should
I tell people I go you want to say whatever you want to say but you know what he’s there for it thank you sir
Thank You woman ring Thank You Glen defects you guys are playing fantastic I
know the puck moves a little slow out here than you’re used to I can see that so frosty it’s your first
experience on an outdoor ice rink but and it’s pretty great and it’s enlarged enlarged due to at least right here guys
so let’s give it Lisa and if you can give her at least a hand or tap your stick we really appreciate it it’s so awesome guys it’s so cool isn’t
it so cool yes so once you guys have fuel up a little bit will do another period and and then we’ll get ready to have lunch
and we’ll go to the next event because that’s what blind hockey stars do you know it’s the life of a blind hockey
crocked you’re playing great bro I want you to try to take the puck by yourself a bit more because you’re good you’re
great player and you’re good with just fictional good with you escape take it down there create the opportunity and
then pass it on you can be more in control of the more in control doing
great thanks for trying man
hahaha water thank you I feel great
they’re playing great I’m good thank you I said we couldn’t have asked for a
better day well 10 degrees cooler would’ve been okay yeah but other that way we’re
skating Rockefeller Center tomorrow morning and I feel like we don’t know if
we can escape I’m like listen Rockefeller Center tomorrow you’re gonna skate okay what’s up buddy
thank you guys if you have you on the ice make sure those helmets are on
Lawrence it’s gonna be on the ice
high-five coach Bruce all right Delana
you’re doing awesome you know you have really special – okay that he does this
for you it brings the whole family and you know what the way that I I started ice
dancing after I’d gotten my shoulder surgery my yeah just look at my filter
20 times where I stopped playing hockey and my dad I was a little lost and and
dad wanted to make sure I was okay and a guy it was a little bit coach offered to train me to ice dance and my dad he was
kind of like your dad and he brought the whole family he moved the whole family to Connecticut basically for me and look at us
five five years later no I’m more like 25 but but all these years later look at
and it look what’s happened and so it’s amazing thing and you are – yes we’ll
start guys two minutes guys two minutes
two minutes guys two minutes
where are the kids let me get them okay
hey grace it always takes the village and the heart of course bail-ins here to
help out and so it’s Tara’s here to help out family family all the way Maya is
here to help out family’s always here helping out where the boys really
skating around there hey what’s up brother yes
yes all right guys you guys ready okay
[Applause] we’re going to do it again zero zero
zero Hartford Bros / New York Metro hockey zero Washington elite we’re gonna
meet at center ice and we’re gonna make this happen okay
all right Washington elite you guys ready okay you guys are smart man so you
come over here for the shape yeah
totally awesome guys you guys want to be in it first okay we’re gonna start with
Chuck Laurence Kenny Caleb and Brooke that’s
the starting line and then come on over here you’ll start in a minute
[Music] okay
I’m gonna have jocks take the face off Kenny you’re gonna play right wing brush
you’re gonna play left wing Caleb you’re gonna play defense with Lauren so Jax
we’re gonna face off right here [Music] Timmy you’re gonna take the face off
some brailers New York Metro team or you want to take a seat okay
right here George you playing defense Big Jim sadecki ppang I actually better
we’re gonna we’re gonna have you play right now okay all right we ready all right everybody one two three four five
here we go all right let’s go guys you
need to chat no Beth Brooke take it up take it wish me Brock don’t it shoot it
off remember what I told you all right let’s go
oh great job great job Keith great job
Timmy great job Anthony nice goal guys nice
girl choice nice go guys [Music]
Brent 1-0 braillers the middle guys right here right here
Josh she’s thinking that you’re gonna do the right wing c-word Yeah right there [Music]
no pass no pass careful guys careful by
the board’s that’s a bad ice over there good job guys there you go here comes
Keith Anthony skates so he can pass you Anthony timmi timmi skate hard bro don’t stay
back there he had no in to pass you Thank You Brock
great job guys let’s go Brock take it
[Music] [Applause] [Music]
all right Lloyd all right take it in take it in you have candy behind you you
have Caleb if you drop that there it is
Wow that was a great play guys great play all right
almost go and there’s deadly youth Keith
Keith in the house another go with it assist by Anthony let’s switch out Emily
and Delaney you’re in rock you wanna take a break no you’re in Florence
wanting break do I think bricks yeah all right you guys go ahead alright we’re gonna line it up right
here guys right here Kenny you’re on the face-off you would take right wing over
there Emily Delaney you’re gonna play left defense there you
ready you’re gonna play bring right there everybody three
alright Washington elite let’s put it in there careful by there over there guys
careful here comes the bailiffs take it
all the way guys take it kick it kick it let’s go everybody careful guys keep
that puck on the ice over there there it is that’s it guys that’s it Gary
bangs what’s up brother I see you’re watching can you believe we’re out here in Central Park
good job guys nice work let’s go Kenny
let’s go let’s go twice you got you got Emily right here pass real quick
[Applause] [Music] Kenny this way this way towards the net
get it in the go-go [Music]
they’re getting go up almost no keep
playing I’m sorry keep playing keep playing get it in there Delaney shoot it get it
in there Washington elite all right way to clear Brailler way to
clear it bridge let’s go brothers all
right guys it’s all right guys it’s because it’s goalie you know that you know if we had a better goalie guys it’s
great it’s great anybody wanted switch to unfit rocked a great you ready Lloyd
come on out doc you ready come on out grunting break Caleb okay King break
you’re ready I’ll stay out here good job guys deadly there’s still
deadly man Keith he’s a hit he’s no joke all right out here guys 390 Hartford
brailers New York Metro hockey – Julie wait drink we ready here
three that destruct
careful careful by the boys guys careful right there you need that pad Wow bring
it up guys get it out of the center guys
[Applause] [Music] that’s it guys that’s it alright watch
Giuli let’s get it out of there two dumb
jocks way to play it great play great
play all right here guys quickly right here right here hey thousands right here
[Music] face up yeah you have to fast again
after the drop of the book you have to pass again okay guys so you got to get another pass with already three two one
that’s it Emily let’s go that’s it Kenny
keep your stick on the ice van cleff good job Rach come on okay let’s come on
out nice go guys Kenny once agree you okay
who wants to take a break
[Applause] uh Kenny I guess alright man you guys
way to go Timmy and you right right here guys right here right here right here hey Kenny I’m Emily if you take a little
break take a little break we’ll get you right back up oh no Lord take a break all right here yep we’re
good I’m gonna take the face off take the ring you might as well I agree came
a long way all right three two
get it out of the center gay penny wants
to take a break ha ha ha ha no he doesn’t that’s it guys that’s it get it
out of there that’s it red let’s go Washington alright why she’s gonna leave
let’s go get that come on push it up guys let’s go let’s go that’s it
Emily [Applause] [Music]
great job guys safely take it around
safely doc that’s taking up Emily you’re in the way be careful guys you got to
pay attention where’s the neck where’s the play gonna go neck let’s go let’s go
[Music] hi Heidi all right here they come here
comes the brailers right here come the brailers
go fast let’s go Washington elite no
pass no pass hey guys you didn’t you
were here it’s an historic moment remember it someone get them and let’s
bring them down here guys actually we’ll go over there everybody follow me everybody over here guys
over here come on over here guys Big Jim
I think I gotta work on my washing to leave we got killed you’re fired
over here Jim over here guys we’re gonna get a picture right over here by the
blinded veteran sign and the Trump sign here everybody take a knee if we can’t
take a knee right here helmets on
helmets on thank you yes you can but or
you can just you know it just stand on either side of the of the banners guys we’ll just take a nice big big one I’m
gonna put you right here I’m gonna put a big game I beside you caleb is to you now it’s going to be key he’s going to
remember to here this is just a sign yes please take it and then move it this
way a little bit Jackson put you over here on the other side of the blinded veterans sign right here right here
Lawrence you’re gonna go right by here Brock I’m in the movie down just a little bit XM movie right over here
you’re gonna slide right in there Lawrence okay see we don’t want we want to make sure we can see the blinded vets
on you’re gonna stand right here in between see right here okay you’re good
I guess we won’t worry so much about Trump sighing although it was very nice of them he gave it to us for free guys I
mean it is what it is move over here it’s totally awesome thing so I’m gonna put you on your knee right over here
right here taking me right here you’re good right there oh why don’t you come
in and maybe take a knee right beside her take a knee I know
uh Amy can you hold this gonna get into
the capsule okay why so just just hold it up why we’re doing it okay

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