Winter Wonderland Wardman Park Marriott

Know it’s been a while, but I ran across these photos a couple of weeks ago and knew they needed to be shared! With my second baby girl coming any day now, I didn’t know if I would have another moment to publish the photos so I left them up on my computer and I have finally gotten to it!

Emme & I turned the Wardman Park Marriott into Winter Wonderland a couple of years ago for one of our corporate clients. We brought in a big piece of synthetic ice, and with a big hand from Shirley and her wonderful team of skaters gave Washington, DC an event they will never forget.

If you were there, it’s etched in your memory. If you weren’t, fortunately we have these photos.
Ice skating has brought me all the best things in my life. As an injured hockey player searching for himself at 17 years old the sport of figure skating welcomed me with open arms. It’s taken me across the globe multiple times. I have so many stories, met so many wonderful people, and have so many memories. In fact I met my beautiful wife Emme Porter beside the boards of the Reston Ice Rink.

I’m very lucky & honored to get to be around people like you everyday.
Thank you for all your good energy, care, and help. They say it takes a village to raise child. I say, it takes an ice rink!
Merry Christmas from The Porters! 

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